Raymond Risseeuw started making security gates to order in his single garage in 1980,

then when the gates were completed and painted they where loaded onto the roof of his car for transport to the site.

Westgate grew to big for the single garage and it had to move to a small 100 square meter factory in horizon,

and eventually to the present factory in Roodepoort.


33 years later we manufacture the full range of security products,

His youngest son of 26 has now joined him and has taken over the factory manager position,


give us a call on 0836294562 and we will meet you on your site and give you a written quote

we manufacture garden gates, wooden gates and all types of burglar bars

we have been manufacturing gates since 1984

and are still in the same factory using the same telephone numbers for 32 years now 011 7662656


delivery is within 10 working days

complete to the pushing of the remote button

we work throughout the whole Gauteng Area

We do hot bending of steel by black smithing
in our forge and are capible of making any size scroll or design that is needed not ,



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