Handbook guidelines to buying steel gates

First question what type of gate are you wanting ? Driveway and garden gates are the most popular but there is a vast range of gates available from amazing gates for anything from a small entrance way and driveway gates to large scale industrial sliding gates. The main materials gates are made from are metal […]

Glass and steel doors in gauteng

WESTGATE manufacturing jhb call 0836294562 Ray You dont need a ugly iron grill security gate on your front door anymore!!! You can have an all in one steel and glass wrought iron front door, The front door is in steel and glass with very strong locks, and for fresh air flow through the house you […]


DRIVEWAY GATES ARE FOR CONVENIENCE BEAUTY AND SECURITY Westgate manufacturing 0836294562   Gavin 0836294562 Raymond 10 Tips for a Better Driveway Gate Installation in Johannesburg, Gauteng. 0836294562 1) When selecting the exact spot for your driveway gate, opt for a place that allows for your vehicle to leave the roadway while waiting for the driveway […]


Wrought iron gates can be obtained by calling Raymond at Westgate manufacturing on 0836294562 Web site for 120 photos of gates, www.remotegate.net WESTGATE MANUFACTURING 083 6294562. Established in 1984 IRON DRIVEWAY & PEDESTRIAN GATES Gates provide access to and from a property as well as a convenient entrance point for both vehicles and pedestrians. Because […]


Driveway gates in Gauteng, WESTGATE MANUFACTURING Ray.      0836294562 Gavin   0789392450 Wrought iron driveway gates, can be obtained by calling Raymond at Westgate manufacturing on 0836294562 Web site for photos of gates, www.amazinggates.co.za Established in 1984 IRON DRIVEWAY GATES, we will come to your home or workplace and meet with you to discuss […]